Eva is a Rotary International Youth Exchange student from Germany who has spent the last year in New Zealand. Her first host family on arrival was Parnell Rotary club member Colin Wilson and his wife Debra.   Going into lockdown was an unplanned adventure.......
The past few weeks were just like the rest of quarantine ha ha. Online school started again after two weeks off, I've been reading some books and I enjoy watching Friends at the moment. My friends back home in Germany don't do much for school, the teachers email work sometimes and some classes have Zoom meetings every few days, but online schoolwork’s definitely better in New Zealand. We have class meetings every day and do our tasks, it's really good so when normal school starts again, we didn't miss anything. I'm excited to go into level 2 soon (hopefully!) so that I can finally see my friends again.
St Cuth's might re-open in two weeks, that would be awesome. I'm glad that the number of new Covid-19 cases is decreasing and that so many people recovered! Many events like the District Conference or our Challenge Camp for Inbounds got cancelled, that's very sad but I'm happy that I didn't leave New Zealand and quarantined with the Lucas family.
 I baked some Anzac biscuits on Anzac Day, made cheese scones and baked banana cake with Lizzie. We also had some takeaways when we got into level 3! We ordered some pizza and had fish & chips the other day, I love chips. The best thing was that we had pavlova a few days ago he he, there's never too much food. :) With the other Inbounds and Robyn Ingram, we have Zoom meeting twice a week. Lately, we played Scattergories and Kahoots which was quite fun.
 There are also some nice competitions to get active on the College Sport Auckland website. College students can go for walks, runs, or ride their bike and submit their distance and get point for this, the school with the most points at the end will win. St Cuthbert's is at the 9th place at the moment, that's not too bad! I think there are about 50 schools competing. I like to go outside for walks and get some fresh air, listen to music, and get some exercise. I hope that we'll go back to the “normal“ life soon, so that I can see you all in real life meetings instead just your small faces on the screen! I wish everyone well, stay safe! :)
 Kind regards, Eva