Parnell Rotary has donated $10 500 to the Salvation Army’s Foodbank programme.  This will augment the food from Foodbank’s corporate partner Countdown. Most of the food comes from Countdown’s food recovery programme, but it is being augmented by donations of food purchased by Countdown customers and placed in the collection bins at the exit of every Countdown store.
Foodbank is struggling to cope with the huge surge in demand. When lockdown commenced demand surged from 1500 households per week to 6000.  Even now Foodbank is still helping 4000 households with weekly food packs.  With more people losing their jobs every week Foodbank will be busy for a long time to come.
You can help too: next time you shop at a Countdown store, purchase some extra food/household items  and leave them in the donation bin at the exit, or make a donation online at