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Volume 1 | Issue 79


25th February 2024
Feb 28, 2024
Community garden
Mar 06, 2024
Rotary Science Forum experience.
Mar 13, 2024
Waiheke Arts Trail trip
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MacDonald, Rory
3 minute speaker
Wilson, Colin
Speaker Introduction
Stapleton, Malcolm
Welcome to another bulletin for 2024.
Attendance; Again a  healthy 14 persons including our speaker
Apologies: Max Morris(SouthIslandering),Greg and Avis.
Presidential announcements;
Another working bee at Parnell community garden ,this Thursday 29th.Avis is promising scones at 10.30.
Do we realise that many of the new raised crossings are altering the flow of rainwater ,possibly causing some house flooding?
Waiheke Art Trail Walk is set for Wednesday 13th March in place of our normal meeting, with Thursday as reserve day if bad weather on Wednesday.
Catch the 10.00 ferry ,bus to walk, walk 2km, have some lunch, then bus back to ferry.
You will need a Hopcard as well as your Gold Card (if applicable)
Walk the sculptures (20) along the coast then retire to lunch with hosts Ingrid, Phil and Don.
3 Minute speaker was Wendy ( as she so seldom is allowed to speak).
Surprise, surprise she gave us a book review of numerous books; The Crewe Murders(snapped up by Colleen),Mad on Meths, the story of Diesel, he Forgers, A Search of Berlin, American Mothers, Who Owns the Moon and The Year of the Locust. All available at our local book shop.
Sargent Wendy again raised about $200, including a $50book sale.  
Reminded us The New Yorker first published 1925-sewing machine patented in 1842(by whom?)-Nick's brilliant letter to the editor on the speed of the Chistchuch Cathederal rebuild (not) compared with Notre Dame (finished)-Cain Williamson's 32nd century--bonnet surfing in Tauranga-successful NZ rocket launch-Paul McCarney has his guitar back-how old are you if you do not know how old you are?
Speaker Was Auckland police Detect Inspector Danny Meade in full kit including tear gas, tazer, collapsable batton, a valuablesmartphone.
 and protective armoured vest!
Born in UK, London University, London Met Police, Hong Kong Police 1984, now NZ police since the 90s.
Controlled the Auckland Downtown shooter callout-Now in charge area Pokeno to Kaiwaka.-Policing is noted as "a contact sport"-staffing used to depend on crime stats which lead to them being "played"-then moved to "preventions"(to push crime numbers down-be nicer with alternative solutions rather than arresting-crime doesn't go down, we just reacted differently-warnings and diversions-non pursuit and no consequences.(That worked well)
He has lost 4 dozen of his staff in the last 4 weeks
Gangs got bad after Australia started deporting their 501's-Meths is the biggest criminal money maker in NZ and Lotto is the hottest thing to steal because of its high resale value.
No one was disagreeing with the man!
Meeting closed at 8.30
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