Parnell Rotary Club

Volume 1 | Issue 86


1oth April 2024
Apr 17, 2024
NZ military Museum at Le Quesnoy,Northern France
Apr 24, 2024
Slavery Today
May 01, 2024
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Morris, Max
Speaker Introduction
Hamilton, Nick
3 minute speaker
Cowie, Don
Welcome to another bulletin for 2024.
Attendance; 13 members, plus our two speakers.
Apologies:  David Jones and Greg. 
Presidential announcements;
A tieless president Malcolm was in attendance for the last time before departing for Everest (base camp).
Interact at ACG college had held a mufti day and raised $1,500for cistric phybrosis , part of their plan to complete one domestic and one international project annually. 
They will be visiting us on 15th May.
Malcolm himself will be a coordinator for our group of Rotary Clubs, so communication and cooperation should grow.
We will have a "renewal "meeting rather than a changeover this year and will hold it early on 12th June.
Sergent Wendy advised that (her) David was entering hospital today. We hope to see him back next week.
In 1912 the Titanic departed South Hampton, for the first and last time-in 2012 Apple became the largest company in the world-when a man opens the car door for a woman it is either a new car or a new wife-today is the actual birthdays of Shakespeare, Leonardi and Queen Elizabeth 11-Wendy had a letter to the editor on Easter trading-New Zealand won both the Rugby sevens-Abba'50th anniversary and NZ was named as one of the most promiscuous countries.
 Despite all this only a modest amount was gathered in fines (David being absent).
3 Minute Speaker was a very cultured Nick who quoted TS Elliot's (he of The Wasteland), poem on the naming of cats-"a cat needs a particular name.........................."
Speakers were Janelle Irvine and Dean Cook from the NZ Stuttering Treatment and Research Trust.
Janelle is the current CEO and Dean has been on the Board for 15 years.
1% of New Zealanders stutter/stammer-about 50,000 people-can be cured or at least greatly improved-Trust concentrates on helping children-started in 1995-operated on line during Covid which means they can now assist anywhere in NZ-up to 10% of children go through some form of stuttering when learning to speak-4 or 5 times more prevalent in males-usually develops during pre schoolyears unless a result of an accident or stroke-73% of children suffering can be helped-main way of helping a stutterer is to be patient and give them time to speak-often runs in families-not related to intelligence-speech theropy and group sessions are very useful--running costs are about $500,000 annually -a modest fee is charged per consultation-Ministry of Education has theropists but they work more with teachers and making diagnosis, rather than actually curing-Andrew Beacroft is a keen supporter-as yet there is no forum to allow sufferers to talk/assist/advise each other.
Meeting closed at 8.35.
PS Avis thanked those who made donations in money or kind for our once a month assistance for the Grace Foundation.
PSS. Any one an unused superceded smartphone (without sim card),as a member who has bought another drone could use one to assist watching his pine trees growing, in exchange perhaps for a generous donation to Rotary?
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