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Volume 1 | Issue 80


4th March 2024
Mar 06, 2024
Rotary Science Forum experience.
Mar 13, 2024
Waiheke Arts Trail trip
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28th February 2024
MacDonald, Rory
3 minute speaker
Wilson, Colin
Speaker Introduction
Stapleton, Malcolm
6th March 2024
Morris, Max
3 minute speaker
Wilson, Colin
Speaker Introduction
Jones, David
Welcome to another bulletin for 2024.
Attendance; Again a  healthy 14 persons including our speaker
Apologies: David Hogan, Greg and Avis.
Presidential announcements;
This week, being the first in the month ,is day to bring items for Avis to take to Grace Foundation, which was missed last month, in the post Xmas confusion.
Waiheke Art Trail Walk is set for Wednesday 13th March in place of our normal meeting, with Thursday as reserve day if bad weather on Wednesday.
Catch the 10.00 ferry ,bus to walk, walk 2km, have some lunch, then bus back to ferry.
You will need a Hopcard as well as your Gold Card (if applicable)
Walk the sculptures (20) along the coast then retire to lunch with hosts Ingrid, Phil and Don.
3 Minute speaker was Collin, who although he was a very early leaver, told us about the importance of attending early morning partnership meetings ,otherwise one risked being lumbered with unpleasant/extra tasks.
Sargent Wendy  raised over $240, meaning she must be getting the hang of the job.
Scribe was fined for getting lotto mixed up with leggo-the Navy stopped the daily rum ration in 1990-1953, DNA was discovered/developed-Ponsonby ram raiders made mistake of robbing an alcohol free drink store-goldplated gang motorbikes were crushed-ferry returned to base after passengers began fighting-Estonia is the next tourist hot spot-second marriage is triumph of hope over experience-Apple TV,s have Colleens stamp of approval as you do not need a 3year old to set them up.
Speaker was our own Henry Ford esquire, talking on the experience of establishing the Parnell community garden starting about a year ago.-in the grounds of the Kiangiora housing at the top of Parnell Rise -with group of Malcolm, Avis, Peter Barron and the Grace Foundation-starting with converting the clay and wet kaikuia grass using card board, weedmatting, wood mulch and compost-worms appeared-residents Sheryll and Va began opening up the on site community room on Thursdays-started planting brasicas with Henry growing more plants at home from seed-expanded into lettuce, cauliflower spinach and very popular kale-planted potatoes which were harvested a month early before xmas by some unknown admirers of the garden-Property manager eventually visited being surprised to see the garden in the middle of the site rather than round the edges and suggested a land lease be organised-need a steady progression of crops to provide some produce year round-crimson clover has been planted as a nitrogen fixer which is used by sweet corn-Chinese tenants use the squash flowers in cooking so little actual squash-wild flower garden established in one corner and natural fertiliser being produced-Richard Maine from the local Council community board surprised Henry with offer of some assistance and came through with Henry's entire wish list of compost, wooden sleepers, tools and a compost tumbler.
Hopefully an ongoing project of interest to many members.
Meeting closed at 8.30
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