Report on Sarada Mission 
Sarada Medical Centre (SMC) is owned and managed by Ramakrishna Mission Fiji (RKM), a charitable organization. SMC, previously located at Ashram Road in Nadi, relocated to the RKM Fiji Headquarters in Malolo Nadi in January 2020. To date, 93,100 patients have been served at SMC.
Total patients were seen during the year 10105. There has been an increase in Emergency Cases coming to SMC, 89 ED referrals, and 142 SOPD referrals sent to Nadi hospital during the year. SMC nurses provided Health Education to various forms in SVC from 23/02/2021-to 26/02/2021.SMC received three new desktop computers, a donation from Nagsun apparel on 16/4/2021. This was to replace the damaged desktops due to lightning at the SMC building at the beginning of this year. • Physiotherapy clinics were conducted on two occasions on 18 March and 01 April. The physiotherapist saw eight patients, and the SOPD Surgical clinic was run two times on 15 November and 15 December. The specialist from Lautoka hospital saw 19 patients • SMC was closed for four days from 01.06.2021 to 04.06.2021 due to the sudden Covid outbreak in West Fiji.
The outreach was canceled from 1st April until the end of October due to a Covid outbreak in Fiji. Twenty-three places visited, including communities/ villages/ workplaces/public places/schools. A new portable tent was procured for SMMS outreach in March 2021. The outreach bus was fitted with mud grip tyres for better performance.
Other Checks Patients Seen (Jan – 2021- Dec- 2021)
Doctors’ consultation                                                3022
Dietetics                                                                    1316
Eye                                                                            103
Physio                                                                       1303
Dental                                                                       1227 (245extractions & 138 Referral)
HBA1C (Diabetes Check)                                         149 (87 pts. with High HBA1C)
Cholesterol                                                                110(36pts. with High Cholesterol
Home visits                                                               15